10 September, 2023. Published by Canadian Dimension.

This cartoon takes a swipe at Manitoba’s Premier Heather Stefanson and the governing ‘Progressive Conservative Party’ as the province enters its 43rd general election.

Following 7 years of Conservative party rule, Manitoba is struggling with some of the most pressing crises and public health disasters in memory.

After the horrendous failures throughout the Covid pandemic to the record number of deaths from the surging drug epidemic – Manitoba’s public healthcare system has been strangled, hacked and bungled towards collapse.

Premier Stefanson and her reactionary government continue to refuse the popular demands to search the Winnipeg landfills for missing and murdered Indigenous women. This has resulted in the unprecedented unanimous call by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs for her resignation.

Furthermore, as the boreal forest burns and Lake Winnipeg dies, there has been no action, nor strategy to protect the environment amidst the accelerating climate disasters.

Premier Stefanson maintains the 2nd lowest minimum wage rate in Canada while seeking to freeze pay of public workers amidst skyrocketing inflation, a national housing crisis, and economic precarity… all the while giving herself and her cronies a raise.

The bigoted and inept Manitoba Conservative Party, led by a callous leader who names her pet dogs after Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Stephen Harper have proven they have no merit to govern and zero solutions to offer the greater populace as poverty, homelessness and inflation increase and more and more people struggle to have their basic needs met.

On October 3rd- Give Heartless Heather the Heave-Ho!